Luck Of The South

The commitment of Love, the agony of loss & the celebration of redemption and then give him a mystery and watch him swing.

Possessed By The Stranger

Inspire your life with energy. Don’t wait for it to appear. Make it follow. Make your own destiny. Compose your own fortune. Make your own inclination. And whatever your expectations, accept your originator, not by calmly waiting for love to come fluff from upon special, but by ingesting what you can to make love happen… yourself, right forthwith, right down hither on Earth.



Confessions Of The Castle

The characters that are the toughest to love are usually the individuals who need it the utmost.
Always remember life has three rules:
1. Paradox
2. Humor

PARADOX is life is an enigma don’t consume time thinking it out.

HUMOR is keep a sense of happiness, especially for yourself. It is a strength beyond all measure.

CHANGE is know that nothing stays the same.

Agents Of My Dreams

The reality of lapses is, every time do stuff sober what you said you’d do while you were high that will show you how to hold your lips closed. Whiskey is like love. The first touch is a charm, the second is private, the third is exotic. The influence of booze over man is indeed due to its power to excite the mystical abilities of human creation, usually smashed to coast by the icy currents and dry judgments of the sober hour.

Inception With Gold

There is a stream in the affairs of people, Which exerted at the tide, leads on to fate. Omitted, all the excursion of their life is bound in shallows and in anxieties. On such an abundant sea are we now drift. And we must take the contemporary when it serves, or lose our adventures.

Will Of The Light

Discuss not your dread but your hopes and your aspirations. Think not about your defeats, but about your unfulfilled potential. Disquiet yourself not with what you attempted and deserted in, but with what it is still conceivable for you to do.

Friends Of Fortune

Love cannot be driven to, controlled, acquired, used or spent, It is the consciousness which we can witness within the blustery evening. Delight is the refined experience of relishing every minute with love, beauty, and appreciation.