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Highway of the moonlight

If your mind believes in imagining, There is no another place I remember.

Well, time here passes on by without a thought for tomorrow, yeah that was the day for me.

How hard I travel on this adventure, guess I’ll count a million lamps along the highway, and every moment I start to stew, something murmurs in my ear says the name I long to catch.

Almost homely, I am almost done might be fallen and scared: but I am just a bubble away, just one extra measure and I’ll be home.

Simply one extra day is all that my courage needs, I am gonna get there eventually, feel’s so freezing and lonely but I am almost home.


I welcome you all to our site with an open heart that you have spent some part of your time for visiting the site. I as a blogger and human being see the life as a creative tool to understand “The emotions of life and Dynamic capabilities “. The mind is the soul of life, We should continue to focus and train the soul that endeavors us.

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