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Poetic Thought of the day

Our environmental atmosphere, appreciate and explore,
Where the sea meets shore; a beautiful shore.
Peaks we capture, gaze down in fear,
If you’re an artist, make sure you fascinate.

Landscape exciting, adventurously modern,
Much more to see, than an air that is sky-blue.
It allows so much, open your sight,
Faith of today, with every dawn.

Universe shall fill, trunk and shade,
Some describe it homely, others a pot.
Visions are sustained, when nature exhibits,
Bestowing its pleasures, astonishing it feels.


I welcome you all to our site with an open heart that you have spent some part of your time for visiting the site. I as a blogger and human being see the life as a creative tool to understand “The emotions of life and Dynamic capabilities “. The mind is the soul of life, We should continue to focus and train the soul that endeavors us.

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