Will Of The Light

Discuss not your dread but your hopes and your aspirations. Think not about your defeats, but about your unfulfilled potential. Disquiet yourself not with what you attempted and deserted in, but with what it is still conceivable for you to do.

Friends Of Fortune

Love cannot be driven to, controlled, acquired, used or spent, It is the consciousness which we can witness within the blustery evening. Delight is the refined experience of relishing every minute with love, beauty, and appreciation.

Power of tiny act

Usually, we disparage the endowment of a hug, a smile, a kind advice, a listening ear, an intrinsic compliment, or the petite act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.

Mind of running thoughts

You obtain strength, boldness, and self-esteem by every adventure in which you really halt to look fear in the light. You are empowered to say to yourself, ‘I have subsisted through this terror. I can take the next obligation that comes along.’

Illusion of reality and loving events

I conclude that vision is stronger than knowledge. That tale is more dominant than history. An illusion is more powerful than events. That hope always quivers over reality. The hilarity is the only antidote for grief. And I accept that love is stronger than darkness.

Rebel of ocean

I am able, but not a saint. I do transgression, but I am not the demon. I am just a ‘wise’ man in a big society trying to find someone to love.

Map of drafted wind

If you don’t devise your own life strategy, chances are you’ll stumble into someone else’s map. And guess what they have drafted for you? Not enough and nothing special.