Friends Of Fortune

Love cannot be driven to, controlled, acquired, used or spent, It is the consciousness which we can witness within the blustery evening. Delight is the refined experience of relishing every minute with love, beauty, and appreciation.

Power of tiny act

Usually, we disparage the endowment of a hug, a smile, a kind advice, a listening ear, an intrinsic compliment, or the petite act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.

Rebel of ocean

I am able, but not a saint. I do transgression, but I am not the demon. I am just a ‘wise’ man in a big society trying to find someone to love.

Burst from tricked life 

Your phase is limited, so don’t pretend it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by the mighty wells – which is living with the conception of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the scream of others’ opinions sunken out your own inner peace. And most important, have the faith to follow your mind and instinct.

The light of Dawn

My thought on life is that life is amazing and special. Life doesn’t betray you. You have a light, and dark variations, and days, and weeks. We humans change – we can be fantasy living in a city or we can be drowned. It’s what we make of our lives.

The sail of ship

Isolation adds charm to life. It puts a special blister on sunsets and makes nighttime air trail better.

Knot of Love

In perceiving love, I imagine it’s important to be composed. In being in a tie, I think it’s relevant, to be frank, to express, to honor and believe, and to endeavor to give more than you take.