Knot of Love

In perceiving love, I imagine it’s important to be composed. In being in a tie, I think it’s relevant, to be frank, to express, to honor and believe, and to endeavor to give more than you take.

Living happy confinement

Bliss is not something you delay for the future; it is something you sketch for the instant.

Let’s be faithful

Be faithful to yourself, encourage others, make each day your treasure, make friendship a fine creation, drink deeply from good books, build a shelter upon a rainy day, give gratitude for your commendations and pray for guidance every day.

Faith of the music

Music is delightful because while listening to music you will never feel dangered or get feared. Music is law in itself to us. Music is a smooth rhythm because sometimes the words may not do the job but music does. Music is a universal language, many people don’t understand each other’s languages, but they will never forget the pleasant stream of music.