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Deepavali wishes

Let every light to be brightened on the night of Deepavali bringing happiness and delight for everyone.

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Huge Clouds of different shapes come gliding into my day of rest, no longer to carry storm or bring heavy rain, but to add a glow to my evening sky filled with joy.

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Rise of the Easter

The trail of living is never certain. Dreams are like emptying into the ambush of great ambitions; our philosophy is controlled by the idioms of the mind trying to react differently each time. I think abyssal soul exploring is very significant in life, for restoring the mindful thoughts that possess our path to the passive victory road. Spiritual thinking exhibits the state of mind for the individual, to be on the right track we can satisfy it with religion-based faith or by the feats which we adore to do with the full acquiescence of our heart. Our sense is what energizes us, never let it get ruined.

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Happy Dussehra

To devotees in a festival environment, it’s like a lark. You want to have an immeasurable experience with your patrons in that mob. And in the framework you hear the string relaxation, ‘Oh, that’s my favorite melody!’ Everyone is there to experience the evening and that’s touching about it.

Happy Dussehra from “Life is Creation”