Quote for the day

Quote for the day

Courage isn’t stepping into a place thinking you are better than everyone; It’s commencing in not having to associate yourself to anyone at all.


Quote of the day

Quote of the day

Relish yourself adequately to spin down the characters who don’t apprehend you.

You understand you’re in love when you can’t tumble asleep because existence is sounder than your fantasies.  

And in her winsome smile, I see something more appealing than the glossy twinklers.

Let my thought surge for my mind and my life smile within my eyes, that I may strew vibrant smiles in gloomy hearts.

One day you will be at the scene you always fancy to be. Don’t cease devising.

Be like a tree, stay indoctrinated unite with your origins, aim over a new leaflet, bend before you divulge, enjoy your bizarre natural elegance. keep growing.

To accomplish harmony: We literally cut ourselves off in the middle of contrary view like we don’t have a background for this, remember calmness is always fragile.  

Don’t wait for contrivance to get better, Time will always be tangled. assimilate to be jovial right now, otherwise you’ll run out of time.