Today’s word

There arrives a moment when you have to cease crossing shores for the characters who wouldn’t even hop pool for you.


Today’s Word

Never rush upon steady stuff. When the tide is right, it will appear.

Today’s Word

Nevermore do a fallacious notion to make a companion or to retain one.

Today’s Word

We conversed for a comprehension, either you are a miracle or a lesson only time can define.

Today’s Word

Perhaps you have to comprehend the blackness before you can recognize the enlightenment.


Today’s Word

If you trick on someone that is enthusiastic to do anything for you, you truly burned yourself out of faithful support.

Poetic Thought of the day

A walk of time, an impressive chapter,
Don’t be bashful, go take a glance.
Each chapter comprises, tales unique,
Listen to others, they’ll exhibit as they express.

Some chapters are crisp, others are dull,
Each to his own; the roster does concern.
Hear more thoroughly, and you will discover,
The esteem of poets, surely you deserve.

The only chapter to review is undividedly your own,
But rather, be gratified of how it has evolved.
A walk of time, and enjoyable chapter,
Concede others, to take a fresh glimpse.