Extreme thinking generates puzzles you never owned, don’t speculate; just shoot with great vibes. 


Seldom in time, your circumstances will keep replicating itself until you learn the drill. 

Life is sharp, so you gotta be hard. 

Determine to reply  ‘No’ to the good, so you can answer ‘Yes’ to the best. 

The true and dear ones do not disappear, they perpetually find a purpose to stay. 

Nevermore leave in quest of love… rather travel in the exploration of life and life will discover for you the love you seek. 

The world is artistic, we all appreciate, 

In the summertime and in the snowfall. 

So many names to discover and discern, 

We are equals, we are loose.

Time is fine, we all perceive, 

Blooming ones, we train and we exhibit. 

Life is stretched with relief, 

There is always, a cool amusement.

The day is beautiful, we all apprehend, 

Ease, and travel with the course, 

The distinction of attraction depends on the sights, 

What do you see, when you look at the skies?