Well, I’ve been fearful of changing ’cause I’ve waxed my life around you, Time makes you stronger Children get adored and I’m getting adored too. So relish this love and take it up into the heavenly heavens with mystic surroundings because I love you my moon. If we soar a hill and you turn around and see my shadow in the snow-covered hills well because the ardent romantic landslide brought us down.

To My loving moon and wife.

You understand you’re in love when you can’t tumble asleep because existence is sounder than your fantasies.  

And in her winsome smile, I see something more appealing than the glossy twinklers.

Shifting the leaves of obdurate work; I floundered upon progress. 

Aid the halt, Comprise the uncertainty. Hold the attraction of timeline. 

If time can push someone you nevermore visualized of missing, it can substitute someone you nevermore imagined of having. 

One day you will be at the scene you always fancy to be. Don’t cease devising.