The day-star is eternally alone still, it glows the liveliest of all. 

A laugh is such a splendid thing chiefly upon your appearance;

dumping all the troubles or solely taking their spot.

A warmly uttered name means so much when from you,

it soothes my fatigued emotion or when I’m feeling anxious.

A tune can deliver our essences dance in pretty fast-paced clips

when we discover the inflection of our love’s unconquerable holds.

Talks could elevate my feelings and sympathetic kindness discovery;

put your palm in pit alone and harmony will fill my thought.

A chuckle, a sound, a melody, a glimpse – seems tiny light matters

but when emotion sparks an effort, what assets they bring.

Someone who replies to your mysterious facial looks with equally weird facial affects is the best kind of person throughout. 

You owe it through yourself to display everything you’ve always fantasized of implying. 

An illusion is always created by heart, we can transform reality by transforming our thought. 

Do be the moon and excite characters even if you are far away from the whole. 

Nevermore let anyone step through your spirit with their nasty thought.