Be like a tree, stay indoctrinated unite with your origins, aim over a new leaflet, bend before you divulge, enjoy your bizarre natural elegance. keep growing.

To accomplish harmony: We literally cut ourselves off in the middle of contrary view like we don’t have a background for this, remember calmness is always fragile.  

Don’t wait for contrivance to get better, Time will always be tangled. assimilate to be jovial right now, otherwise you’ll run out of time.

Discover someone who is gratified to hold you, alarmed to lose you, apprehends you, admires you, and endeavors you. 

Be pragmatic and trust the slate of everything. Just because isn’t occurring right now, does not mean it nevermore will. Stay docile.

I destroy my rival when I make him my companion.” “A genuine patron is one who marches in when the rest of the universe walks out. Your mate is the fellow who knows all about you and still cherishes you. Fellows are the best to turn to when you’re having a turbulent time.

Don’t lament about things you are not willing to adapt.