Delight is not about seizing all you want, it is about experiencing all you have. 


Love is the most dominant sense that we endure and that also helps us to mount and flow.  

Today’s word

If you are forever striving to be rational you’ll never master or recognize how astonishing you can really be.

Today’s Word

Doesn’t weigh where you bury your emotions, music will constantly unearth them.

Thought of the day

We don’t explicate children, It’s them that shows us honesty, clean soul, and kind heart.

Today’s Word

Perhaps you have to comprehend the blackness before you can recognize the enlightenment.


Poetic Poem for Today

The world is artistic, we all perceive,
In the summertime and in the snowfall.
So much stuff to discover and observe,
We are peers, we are candid.

The world is elegant, we all appreciate,
Growing ones, we develop and we bestow.
Time is charged with joy,
There is always, a crisp amusement.

The world is wonderful, we all understand,
Ease, and move with the breeze,
The level of attraction depends on the eyes,
What do you observe, when you gaze at the skies?