Will Of The Light

Discuss not your dread but your hopes and your aspirations. Think not about your defeats, but about your unfulfilled potential. Disquiet yourself not with what you attempted and deserted in, but with what it is still conceivable for you to do.

Illusion of reality and loving events

I conclude that vision is stronger than knowledge. That tale is more dominant than history. An illusion is more powerful than events. That hope always quivers over reality. The hilarity is the only antidote for grief. And I accept that love is stronger than darkness.

Torch of light

Life is a set of shades, what we find difficult is what shade we want. Life is like a torch it cannot be turned on without battery… same belongs to us, we cannot have a pleasing life if we lack spiritual life.


Factor of the day

The life is completely made out of sacrifices. The sacrifices which we make every day in our life is for the collateral beauty as a whole. We can control our lives, but sometimes obstacles are the way out to the actual road that will help us in reaching our fruitful destination. Always aim to rise high, but the foot on the ground.