Let’s be faithful

Be faithful to yourself, encourage others, make each day your treasure, make friendship a fine creation, drink deeply from good books, build a shelter upon a rainy day, give gratitude for your commendations and pray for guidance every day.

Midnight love

I cannot stare up at the midnight heaven on the Planet Earth and not admire what it’s like to be up there amongst the stars. And I constantly look up at the crescent and see it as the sole most romantic place within the universe.

Tip of conceding

Life should always be interesting. We always make our life from what we accomplish…. but never forget life is what we return and not by surmounting pebbles of uncertainty.

Nature as a gift

Nature is like a sunshine arising from the clouds. The work of art is paint-job of nature. The gifts of nature are like a network of a road on which we lay, we receive youth as gift and work of art as age.

Mind is unpredicted gamble

Positive relation and mind are the association between us. Beauty is the best part of the mind that travels between us. The actions which we take should always be positive because if we think positive, the outcome of our work will also be positive and polished. Negative thoughts are fractions which can be easily killed by positivity, so maintaining positive nature in life always brings peace to us.

Finding the road to Peace

Life doesn’t mean only to survive. Plenty of things have to be collected accordingly. If a man does not love solitude, the reason for this is fear of being alone all through the mighty forest. Life is dependent on three main variables: Time, Love, and Death they work seamlessly without any blockage. Life is cradles fill it up with Happiness, Peace, Love, and Respect and all the things that you love to do, because later you will never find the opportunity to do so.


Life as a light

Sometimes it is very hard to understand the facts. We believe that we are stranded in the dark forest watching absolute silence. The life seems to be faded away by the loud growl in the forest. This situation of occurrence is worst for anyone, for me it is definitely worse. What defines us is how we act in such kind of situation. The things which trouble you the most should be done at the earliest point so you don’t regret later on. The difficult problem can be solved in the simplest way but taking the first step determines that all. Our life is valuable: have faith in life.