Mind of running thoughts

You obtain strength, boldness, and self-esteem by every adventure in which you really halt to look fear in the light. You are empowered to say to yourself, ‘I have subsisted through this terror. I can take the next obligation that comes along.’

Burst from tricked life 

Your phase is limited, so don’t pretend it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by the mighty wells – which is living with the conception of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the scream of others’ opinions sunken out your own inner peace. And most important, have the faith to follow your mind and instinct.

The light of Dawn

My thought on life is that life is amazing and special. Life doesn’t betray you. You have a light, and dark variations, and days, and weeks. We humans change – we can be fantasy living in a city or we can be drowned. It’s what we make of our lives.

Midnight love

I cannot stare up at the midnight heaven on the Planet Earth and not admire what it’s like to be up there amongst the stars. And I constantly look up at the crescent and see it as the sole most romantic place within the universe.

Way to love, The twilight

I will love the sunrise for it exhibits me the way, yet I will remain in the twilight because it teaches me to see the stars.

Tip of conceding

Life should always be interesting. We always make our life from what we accomplish…. but never forget life is what we return and not by surmounting pebbles of uncertainty.

Life as a golden basket

Life always seems to have a purpose for which we live. Every day is a different day from the previous day. The best part of life is when we are born and we discover why. Our mission in life should be well rounded that means we should not only survive but should also thrive in life. We should never loose passion, compassion, and humor in life.