To accomplish harmony: We literally cut ourselves off in the middle of contrary view like we don’t have a background for this, remember calmness is always fragile.  

The individual who grow a tree, apprehending that he will nevermore convene in the curtain, had at least started to understand the significance of time. 

Be pragmatic and trust the slate of everything. Just because isn’t occurring right now, does not mean it nevermore will. Stay docile.

You don’t speak frequently , barely unite in months. You guys don’t have a depiction jointly.

What sort of alliance is this?

“The fictitious one”, I replied.

Don’t lament about things you are not willing to adapt. 

I wear a disguise so I can compose what I believe instead of what I think I should feel.

Nothing is perpetual, don’t emphasize yourself too noticeable because how wicked the situation is, it will turn.