“You don’t plunge in affection with a embodiment , you fall in love with a soul; and once in love with a heart everything about that body becomes beautiful and charming.”

Love you my wife.

Well, I’ve been fearful of changing ’cause I’ve waxed my life around you, Time makes you stronger Children get adored and I’m getting adored too. So relish this love and take it up into the heavenly heavens with mystic surroundings because I love you my moon. If we soar a hill and you turn around and see my shadow in the snow-covered hills well because the ardent romantic landslide brought us down.

To My loving moon and wife.

A different day without your laugh, another day just crawled by, but now I apprehend how much it signifies for you to stay right here with me.

The moment we spent distant will make our love mature more powerful but it stings so bad I can’t take any longer being far away from you.

I wanna grow old with you, I wanna drown lying in your arms, I wanna grow old with you. I wanna be there for you participating in everything you do… I wanna grow old with you!

I love you my moon !

A heart is the essential influence of the person.

When I faced you you were just another light for me,

but now you are the only light ever I could spot in the crowded place.

You apprehend you’re in love if you can’t settle quietly because existence is eventually sounder than your fantasies.

You understand you’re in love when you can’t tumble asleep because existence is sounder than your fantasies.  

And in her winsome smile, I see something more appealing than the glossy twinklers.