Midnight love

I cannot stare up at the midnight heaven on the Planet Earth and not admire what it’s like to be up there amongst the stars. And I constantly look up at the crescent and see it as the sole most romantic place within the universe.

Life as a golden basket

Life always seems to have a purpose for which we live. Every day is a different day from the previous day. The best part of life is when we are born and we discover why. Our mission in life should be well rounded that means we should not only survive but should also thrive in life. We should never loose passion, compassion, and humor in life.

elements of fascinating life

The life is short and simple do not have to take it too deeply.
As we know, health is the greatest gift we should respect it. Tranquility will always be the most fabulous wealth. Faith is described as peaceful relations.

Clock with Tic and Tock

Our life is an illusion because when it comes to life. We are born alone, and by the end of the time, we have to die alone. Meanwhile, we make relations with many people that help us to create the dimension that we are not alone. Always love each other and deliver most of the time because time will not remain with us forever.