My sweet heart

The sensual thing my sweetheart will ever do for me is when she has planned three full days of adventures, grits, and astonishment for our weekend. It will be like one endless gift.

Faith of the music

Music is delightful because while listening to music you will never feel dangered or get feared. Music is law in itself to us. Music is a smooth rhythm because sometimes the words may not do the job but music does. Music is a universal language, many people don’t understand each other’s languages, but they will never forget the pleasant stream of music.

Attraction the basis of life

I personally find that attraction is the purpose for getting advancement in life. Display also helps us to get the view of life more clearly, and we are also able to find meaning from the attracting articles in life. Whenever we like things, we usually get attracted to them, but the main reason for it is we want to define the situation as a whole and want to understand along.

Life for a reason

Our lives are filled with so many tensions and problems. The fact of this being that tension makes the life shorter to live. Hope is the light which we see when no solutions are acceptable to us, but is that true? We have to infuse tensions along with the creativity of life to get the full, prominent results of life. Life is the thing which you get once doesn’t destroy it on stupid and unwanted things or unnecessary tensions. Respect life you only have it once.