Love, Love and Love

I think that creativity is stronger than knowledge. That saga is more influential than antiquity. That visions are more powerful than events. That faith always triumphs over reality. That giggling is the only cure for worry. And I believe that love is stronger than Life.

Taking the encounter further

The best lover is the character that rouses the soul; that makes us stand for more, that stocks the warmth in our hearts and brings harmony to our souls. That’s what I believe to furnish you eternally.

My first encounter

I will never misremember the experience of love for the first time. It feels like you are carried to another time – the art, sensitivity, beauty and pure fantasy in the atmosphere like no other space.

Happy Dussehra

To devotees in a festival environment, it’s like a lark. You want to have an immeasurable experience with your patrons in that mob. And in the framework you hear the string relaxation, ‘Oh, that’s my favorite melody!’ Everyone is there to experience the evening and that’s touching about it.

Happy Dussehra from “Life is Creation”

Knot of Love

In perceiving love, I imagine it’s important to be composed. In being in a tie, I think it’s relevant, to be frank, to express, to honor and believe, and to endeavor to give more than you take.

My sweet heart

The sensual thing my sweetheart will ever do for me is when she has planned three full days of adventures, grits, and astonishment for our weekend. It will be like one endless gift.

Living happy confinement

Bliss is not something you delay for the future; it is something you sketch for the instant.