Living is not the number of inspirations you grasp, It’s the significances and moments that take your whiff away. 


Life should nevermore be too sober, 

Choose the unknown and mysterious. 

We don’t judge how we look, 

From our parents, those genes we took.

Life is one witty joke, 

When you’re dining, try not to gag. 

But if you do, you’ll make a jumble, 

Try to smile for the press.

We’re not performing the game of darkness, 

Brush your tusks, you have a bad whiff. 

Just treasure, life is crisp, 

Might as well, play a game.

One of the greatest teachings you can receive in life is to vanquish how to live calm. 

The way in your life may nevermore be upright. 

Contain lumps and drops, 

where many are great.

Your special adventures, 

have molded who you are. 

Encompass your delusions, 

and each unique scar.

There is constantly new stuff, 

in life, we may discover. 

With each leaf, 

and branch we turn.

There’s just one simple, 

but very essential precept. 

Your enthusiasm for life, 

should be utilized as your ammunition.

We culminate with the damage, not with the time.  

Quit seeking joy in the same spot where you wasted it. 

Don’t alter yourself to persuade someone’s heart.