Burst from tricked life 

Your phase is limited, so don’t pretend it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by the mighty wells – which is living with the conception of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the scream of others’ opinions sunken out your own inner peace. And most important, have the faith to follow your mind and instinct.

The light of Dawn

My thought on life is that life is amazing and special. Life doesn’t betray you. You have a light, and dark variations, and days, and weeks. We humans change – we can be fantasy living in a city or we can be drowned. It’s what we make of our lives.

The sail of ship

Isolation adds charm to life. It puts a special blister on sunsets and makes nighttime air trail better.

I will love you more than my life

Passion is short, romance can be pleasant, but love is the most powerful thing of all. Because without love, lust and romance will always be low-lived. For me, Love is not diamond earrings..It is flowers picked from gardens.

For the girl I will love my whole life

When you’re in the throes of this extravagant love, it’s amazing – you’re out of charge, you’re unreasonable, you’re going to the places at the uneven time. every day – Why? Because she’s there.

Dance on the moon with me love

I am so deep plunged into the ocean of love to see your lovely soul. Clasp your eyes with the stare of my eyes so I can look into your heart. Your heart is singing with such a rhythm that my heart is getting harmonized up like a tunnel of wind. Let’s dance on the moon so we know every move, my love.

Undying bond of a lover

A special place for us on the road of undying bond with the pleasure of livelihood staring at us with a gentle look. My heart is freezing to listen the beat of your heart glaring at my eyes. Through the whole universe, I would rather rest in your heart and dreams.