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Eyes are the charm of beauty with green and blue iris like a dazzling ocean of blues with sliding waves.

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In a globe full of drift, I’l remain ageless classic.

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What a loving nature.

Nature is the credential of a human being. We have to act on our life to improvise continuously. The actions which we take in life defines us what we are and how we see other things. Nature is a point of the link that stands between our mind and heart. Improvising the life will also help us to look deep into nature and will help us understand it better. Nature can be of vast predictions that we are not able to understand, but understanding the significance contributes to enhancing the soul into many bright prospectives.

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I live at fullest

The time is moving very placidly. The dance on the road makes me feel like the experience is spinning at full potential. The mind is always constant; but is it engaging with us, only we can determine this.

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We have to believe

Believe is nature. Nature is a replica of time. We are the comet that can conquer time; hence stars can guide us to the road to heaven.

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Miracle of conscience

The night is space…. do the miracle of conscience that believes in the quality of us along the species that resides on the planet.

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Without Darkness

The ‘life’ itself is about struggle. The key to stable ‘mind’ is meditating the way to “lightness”. Without ‘darkness’ there cannot be a struggle and without a struggle, success cannot find its way.

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Passage of time

The ‘soul’ always have to change the path along with the passage of time. If the change is not insisted then the ability to develop will be ‘diminished’ in the future prospectus. The ‘mind’ and the progress are relatively interconnected to see things in a different way with the ‘power’ of judging the progress. ‘Mind’ can always change the direction of winds, but the ‘soul’ will remain the same until the end of destination.